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Energy Community Platform

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Before talking about Energy Community Platform, we need to start with the new modern technologies the European Parliament is financing the development of concrete energy community initiatives across Europe. These Energy communities have the purpose of organise collective and citizen-driven energy actions that help pave the way for a clean energy transition, while moving citizens to the forefront.

The energy communities increase the public acceptance of renewable energy projects and make it easier to attract private investments in the clean energy transition. Meanwhile, they provide direct benefits to citizens by increasing energy efficiency, lowering their electricity bills and creating local job opportunities.

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The Energy communities offer a means to re-structure our energy systems by harnessing energy and allowing citizens to participate actively in the energy transition and thereby enjoy greater benefits of the virtual modern tools.

Energy communities can take any form of legal entity, making easier the participation of its citizens, together with other market players, to team up and jointly invest in energy assets. In this way is possible helps contribute to a more decarbonised and flexible energy system, as the energy communities can act as one entity and access all suitable energy markets, on a level-playing field with other market actors.

Why the blockchain

Where The flexibility, immutability and reliability of the blockchain meet the future of Energy Community Platform


Immutable Energy Measures Value

Each measure store in the Hexergy platform are certified and are immutable which guarantee the value of the energy measured.


Flexible Member Participation

Each Member are free to leave or join an energy community. with the Hexergy flexibility is possible to constantly update and verify the changes in legal documentation.


Reliable Incentive Mechanism Adjustments

Each changes of the incentive mechanism regulation can be adopt by Hexergy guaranteeing the reliability of the incentives distribution among the members.


Future Aggregate Communities

The Hexergy have the properties to allow future developments take place in the same platform, even allow the aggregation of energy communities to support the dispatching energy market.

Get the most of the Energy communities with hexergy

Our High Value

The HexErgy Energy Community Platform is based on the blockchain concept because the data that will be stored is the energy measures and the legal documents that that will have a value in time that needs to be verified and certified. For this reason, the concept of the blockchain offers a high value proposition to energy communities because in a blockchain network is a distributed ledger that records, certifies and verifies all the transactions that take place on the network and received a immutability property that guarantee that information has not been changed after and any update will be also recorded.

Be part of the Energy communities with hexergy

Our Strong Points

This Hexergy Energy Community Platform flexibility, allows to solve the needs of the different participants, the proprietary source development allow the proper integration within any system and the security and reliability of the blockchain allow to guarantee an certify all the transactions and incentives define by the energy community.

Those and more features allows Hexergy to support all the milestones  regarding the energy communities, from the designing, passing through the legal formation, monitoring and managing the participants within the energy community. 

proprietary Source
API Interactions
Certified Measurements Blockchain
Data Integration
GSE Integration
Tools Modularity

We Solve Real Problems

what can we do for you?

Design Energy Community

Design & optimize at the same time

Energy community Designer tool

An proprietary Source tool for designing and optimizing the members and resources of any energy community.

Create & Manage Legal documentation at the same time

Energy Community Creator Tool

A tool that manage and support the legal creation of an energy community and its future change of participants.

Create Energy Community
Manage energy communities

create, monitor, optimize & manage at the same time

Energy community Manager tool

A tool for configuring, monitoring, optimizing, managing the members and devices of any energy community.​

Discover & be part of new energy community at the same time

Energy Communities Marketplace

A place where future members, building owners, energy producers, lenders and energy services companies met to form new energy communities.

Discover Energy Communities

Tailor-Made Energy community Platform

flexibility & Creativity for energy communities

The flexibility of Hexergy allow the platform to integrate the tools as single or together. This Modularity and the proprietary development enable the customization of the platform based on the need of the client or user. 

The creativity of the Hexergy team, inspires the research and the smart developing of solutions to make simpler the implementation and future development of energy communities.

We can meet your Needs

what Hexergy's Energy Community Platform offer you?



Each tool can be used independently or together.



Each tool can be customizable to satisfy any requirement.


Certified Measurements

Each measurement is certified and immutable by the blockchain.


data integration

The tools can used the data collected by the user through a connector.


API integration

The platform can be integrated through API.


Security & reliability

The private blockchain guarantee the data integrity and protection for each user.


Mobile App

An app for the monitoring your consumption within the energy community.


role Visualization

The information show is based on your role in the energy community.


Machine Learning

Integration of machine learning algorithms for optimization tools.

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