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Energy community Creator

Just want to legally create your energy community, We Can help you It All!

Create Energy Community

Create & Manage Legal documentation at the same time

Energy Community Creator Tool

A tool that manage and support the entire legal progress of creation the legal entity of the energy community and the future changes on its participants.

Energy communities can take any form of legal entity, making easier the participation of its citizens, together with other market players for this reason the tool is able to manage and automatize the legal procedure to create and make changes in the energy community, Hexergy provides:

A Step-By-Step Roadmap To Create

One-Place Energy Community Creator

A tool that manage and support the legal creation of an energy community and its future change of participants 


proprietary Source

The tool is proprietary source and can be adapt to meet any requirement.


Multiple administrative practices

Each admin user can create multiple energy communities.


Administrative Document overview

Each admin has an overview of the document status of each practice and its participants.


Members invitation

Each admin can invite new participants to be part of a administrative practice.


Members documents Management

Each admin can view the status online and request members documents through by phone or web.


Automated Documents process

Each admin can view the status of each administrative practice.


Member notification

Each change of the members can update the legal documentation.


Member site

Each member will have his own overview of the status of his documents.


Certified Digital signature

All the documents can be signed virtually through the tool.


Verification POD

Each participant will be automatically verify the shareability between the other members.


Legal Registration

Each administrative practice after have all documents signed can be register automatically by the tool.

an automated document creation

Energy Community Creator Benefits

A tool that manage and support the legal creation of an energy community and its future change of participants 

Rise to the top

Automated Creation

Automate the legal documentation need it to create the legal entity of the energy community can reduce the time space between design and execution of the energy community.

count on us

The Legal Experts

The documents template use are created by legal expert in the energy field allowing the automation process help the client that does not have these documents ready. 

try, try again

Best Practices

The flexibility of the call, allow the customization of the documents template and make possible change anytime and how many times is necessary the document process in order to get satisfactory and reliable results.


We Have Great Answers

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Yes, you can upload the documents of already created energy community to automate the new changes of participants with the tool.

Yes, any time that you need is possible to adjust the documentation process.

Yes, all the information register or document uploaded in the tool will be stored and secure by Hexergy.

Hexergy will support you anytime that you need to get the most of the tool.

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