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Get the most of the energy communities

With Hexergy where anyone can Design, Create, Monitor, Manage & Discover Energy communities.


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Our Services

Design Energy Community


A tool for designing and optimizing the members, resources and economics of any energy community

Create Energy Community


A tool that manage and support the legal creation of an energy community and its future change of participants.


A tool for configuring, monitoring, optimizing, managing the members and devices of any energy community.

Discover Energy Communities


A tool where future members, building owners, energy producers, lenders and energy services companies met to form new energy communities.

energy community blockchain platform

About Us

HexErgy is an innovative Italian startup based in Molise that promotes sustainable, efficient and innovative applications with high social impact to support the energy transition.

Why HexErgy

Is More than an ecosystem capable of managing all phases of an energy community in a simple and innovative way, we support from the beginning to create high social impact business.


4 innovative tools for energy communities

Each tool get the most of AI to create automated and optimize tools for design, create, manage and discover energy communities


Certified Partnership benefits

Based on your experience in the platform is possible to reach different levels of partnership that allows you to have custom features to improve your business


Co-Marketing and Branding

We promote and bring our partners in all the projects and opportunities that we participate regarding energy transition projects in Italy and Europe 

Verified your experience

HexErgy is able to verified your experience designing, creating and managing energy communities with shareable badges.

Increase your impact on the energy communities market with our certified partner program

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A level of partnership that gives you access to:

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Access To Exclusive Features With The

certified partners Program


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