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Go Beyond The Energy Communities with Hexergy

The first Flexible blockchain Platform for energy communities, UVAM e VPP

The Renewable Energy Communities business change  With Hexergy where anyone can Design, Create, Monitor, Manage & Discover Energy Communities.

Energy community platform
energy community blockchain platform

The Sky's The Limit

We created the First Private Blockchain designed for the energy communities

Hexergy is the first blockchain platform for energy communities that make the most of the distributed ledger technology (DLT) combine with Machine Learning algorithms (ML) to offer an unique enterprise platform that anyone can use for exploiting the benefits of the energy communities.

We Solve Real Problems

Do you want to be part of an energy communities ?

Blockchain platform for Energy Communities
Solar Power Plant Owner

Do you want extra incentives for your Photovoltaic plant?


POD Owner

Do you to save money using renewable energies  ?


Municipality Charging Points

Do you to want to charge electric cars with renewable energy  ?


Building Owner

Do you to want to install a renewable energy source for your building  ?


Factory Owner

Do you to want to install a renewable energy power plant for your factory  ?


Energy Service Company

Do you to want to optimize the management of different  renewable energy sources ?



Do you to reduce the carbon footprint of your citizens ?


Alternative Energy Resources

Do you want to share virtually the energy produce by alternative sources or technologies  ?


Renewable power plant

Do you want extra incentives for the excess of energy produce by your renewable energy power plant  ?


Your Ideas. Our Mission.

We Meet Any requirement with flexibility

With Hexergy any renewable energy community can use the blockchain platform flexibility, allowing any user to resolve any particular requirement regarding the energy communities through 4 different tools.

Each tool is adaptable, configurable and customizable by the user itself or by request. In addition, tools can be used individually or together in order to have one reliable system for designing, creating, monitoring, managing and discovering energy communities. 

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