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Monaco Consulting Invites you to

Take Your Consulting to the Next Level with Renewable Energy Communities

Monaco Consulting SRL, in partnership with HexErgy SRL, is excited to invite consultants and professionals from the energy sector to discover and implement innovative solutions in the field of Renewable Energy Communities (CER).

Energy Community Platform
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The Sky's The Limit

We Create Innovative solutions for Energy Communities

Through the use of HexErgy’s advanced platform, we offer the tools necessary to design, develop and manage successful CERs, optimizing energy efficiency and maximizing economic return.

Your Ideas. Our Mission.

We Meet Any requirement with flexibility

With Hexergy any renewable energy community can use the blockchain platform flexibility, allowing any user to resolve any particular requirement regarding the energy communities through 4 different tools.

Each tool is adaptable, configurable and customizable by the user itself or by request. In addition, tools can be used individually or together in order to have one reliable system for designing, creating, monitoring, managing and discovering energy communities. 

HexErgy S.R.L

Technology Partner

Monaco Consulting S.R.L

Expert Partner

our work inspires innovation

The Faces Behind Our Partnership

Do you want to grow your business with Energy communities?

we can do it together

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